Road Enhancement Projects

Our city centre has been built over the years around the old town buildings, the roads constructed at the time were grand and elegant, however at present cause much congestion because of their small size, lack of safety aspects and overall usefulness. The fact is that they have outgrown their use. The planning department have introduced two road enhancement projects, one at Cascades Square and the other at Sandy’s Square. Both projects have now been completed, below is a list of details of the improvements they have put in place.


Cascades Square


  • a new bus lane scheme and the extension of the existing scheme
  • 2 new bus stops both serving the underground
  • official crossing points with safety fencing
  • traffic lights complete with a box junction at the airport end
  • traffic lights at the i360 end
  • road widening of the bus lanes and main road heading to and from the bridge
  • zebra crossing at the site of the toll booth
  • access link road on the corner of the shopping centre
  • comfort features such as a pond, flowers and bus shelters


  • Cascades roundabout
  • toll booth
  • access to hilton car park from the south
  • central island and flower bed
  • public transport shop and glass cover
  • access down norman road (now a bus lane)

Sandys Square


  • one way system around the fountain
  • road widening
  • pavement widening
  • re-bricking of the fountain walls


  • 2 way system
  • road lamps on nearside of roundabout

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