Humble beginnings (2010 to 2012)

The city of Ryde can be dated back to 2010, at that stage it was no more than just a farm which can still be seen today at the docks. The most noticeable part being the water and larva fuelling system which has since been adopted into the cities power grid and docking area.

Lantrees Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the city and has been located on Lantrees Hill since 2010. The first buildings also arrived at this time east of the farm over the river now know as Sandy’s Square.

A small railway line linked the different parts of the city up, most of which has been upgraded since. The rest can be found under the earth buried away. Devils Bridge which linked Lantrees Castle to the farm and the old docks (which are now underground) had a unique railway system in place. At present the current railway now runs under the farm.

HMS Stargazer retired at the old navy barracks and clock tower which were demolished in 2015 and turned into a car park for Ryde Airport. The Aircraft carrier is still docked today and remains as a museum and attraction located in the river.

George Street, Ryde Road and the A27 are the oldest roads in the city, two of which were built as dual carriageways. George Street has since been pedestrianised whilst Ryde Road is now a single carriage way. The A27 still has 2 lanes each way for the majority of the road and runs north to south from Newport to the M5. The shops on George Street were upgraded in 2016 along with Sandy’s Square. Ryde Road is one of the busiest streets in the city centre and therefore in 2016 was downgraded into a single carriageway for parking spaces, bus stops and loading bays.




The Expansion (2012 to 2014)

Ryde was dormant for a while as the Village grew more popular and steadily started to expand the Village limits. A viaduct was constructed along with the oldest part of the A27 which heads north to Newport, a standalone island in Ryde which was the first to be built upon. It comprised then of Newport train station and bus depot and since has been expanded to include a lighthouse and several residential houses.

Further down the A27 the twin towers were constructed to support the ever-growing businesses in the city and in an effort to boost tourism constructed a replica of the Modern Warfare 2 map ‘Rust’ for activities such as paint balling. Rust is still around today and is located west of Devils Bridge.

In another attempt to increase visitors a ‘getaway’ hotel was built south-west of the Village on Legacy Hill. It was linked via a railway line to the main station which was also constructed soon after. The station comprised at the time of four lines, one heading to each corner of the Village limits. Since then the Station has been upgraded with new technology but had two lines removed from service and introduced them into the existing two lines. The Ryde City Station can be found in the middle of the City, south of Lantrees Castle.



Continued Growth (2014-2016)

Rapid expansion continued which entitled the town to be awarded a City status. The majority of the City was and is still being built in this era, the most notable construction being Ryde Airport. Others include the Cascades Shopping centre, Phoenix Docks, a multi-storey car park, Lyndhurst park, the M5, the Seaview foot bridge, down-town docks and a replica of the Brighton Pavilion. As well as several new buildings and roads there have been a few housing areas under development which include Hovedean, Hitchville and Comptdean.




Road Upgrades

Roads across the city are constantly being built, developed and changed in order to keep a safe, smart and usable space in our ever-expanding city. Here are two example upgrades to Ryde Road and the A27 already mention above.


 BEFORE – Ryde Road upgrade – AFTER


BEFORE – A27 Upgrade – AFTER