8 Years

The city of Ryde turns 8 this year. It’s origins can still be seen today. Real city development didn’t start with large scale construction until 2015 as seen below. We’ll be taking a look at the old parts of the city later on..


City wide redevelopment

Unfortunately it’s been a while since we last posted an update on our site however you can keep up to date via our Instagram account. We apologise to those who have been delayed caused by our constant city wide road redevelopments but this work is essential in the long run to ensure traffic flows free and smoothly.

Sandy Square 7 weeks ago

Lanterns Bridge 7 weeks ago

Saunders Park area 4 weeks ago

City Centre 3 weeks ago

Palmeira Square this week

Hove Stadium

A new planning proposal has been put forward to build a Stadium just north of Hove. The committee is currently reviewing the plans and considering the impact on the surrounding area. Look at the plans yourself and have your say.

-The Webteam

Transport Services

We’ve now introduced a Transport page to our website to help you find out about your local services from bus timetables to train tickets and booking numbers for taxis. One of the features offers a bus service map provided by Ryde Buses. Drop by the transport section today but please be aware that not all features in this new section are fully operational.

In other news Project Goliath is coming to a close with the M27 officially opened last week, only a few finishing touches are left to be completed. Down in the south east of the city the Falmer Village link road has been completed via the Compdean Tunnel.


-The WebTeam

Road Enhancement Projects

Our city centre has been built over the years around the old town buildings, the roads constructed at the time were grand and elegant, however at present cause much congestion because of their small size, lack of safety aspects and overall usefulness. The fact is that they have outgrown their use. The planning department have introduced two road enhancement projects, one at Cascades Square and the other at Sandy’s Square. Both projects have now been completed, below is a list of details of the improvements they have put in place.


Cascades Square


  • a new bus lane scheme and the extension of the existing scheme
  • 2 new bus stops both serving the underground
  • official crossing points with safety fencing
  • traffic lights complete with a box junction at the airport end
  • traffic lights at the i360 end
  • road widening of the bus lanes and main road heading to and from the bridge
  • zebra crossing at the site of the toll booth
  • access link road on the corner of the shopping centre
  • comfort features such as a pond, flowers and bus shelters


  • Cascades roundabout
  • toll booth
  • access to hilton car park from the south
  • central island and flower bed
  • public transport shop and glass cover
  • access down norman road (now a bus lane)

Sandys Square


  • one way system around the fountain
  • road widening
  • pavement widening
  • re-bricking of the fountain walls


  • 2 way system
  • road lamps on nearside of roundabout

Project: Goliath

Ryde is a popular and attractive city with a steady flow of tourists and a firm residential system in place, however the cities roads are beginning to out grow themselves. The river Goliath virtually splits Ryde in two from north to south with only two ways to cross, one being Lantrees suspension bridge in the town centre and the other being the M5 at the far bottom of the city.

The Highways team here at Ryde City Council have proposed plans for a new bridge to be built connecting Portslade to Newport with an interchange just north of Phoenix. The road would consist of 3 lanes heading either direction. This project will take several weeks, even months to finalise the plans and to begin construction. Please review our ariel photography of the chosen path and study the plans.

Have your say at the Town Hall today, open 9-5.


-The WebTeam

Visual History

Good news! Our city’s progress can be found visually via the Gallery pages, starting from 2015 we have a fair amount of simple images spanning all the way to the present day. We recommend you drop by 2015 first and go through 2016 chronologically to understand how Ryde has expanded and upgraded over the months and years.


-The WebTeam


Welcome to Ryde City Council. Here on our newly launched website you can use tools to make your stay enjoyable, to see whats going on in your city and to find plans for roads and buildings. Questions? Drop by our contact page for direct answers or the Mayors twitter page.

As this site is still under construction we ask you to stand by for the time being and check back soon for more updates.

-The WebTeam